Wheelchair Ramps, Handrails and Lifting Platforms

Houses were not traditionally designed with the elderly or the less able in mind. The entrance door to houses built over 20 years ago nearly always had a step up to the door.

This step is an obstacle for those with reduced mobility. For some, a simple handrail or grab rail might be sufficient, but for others, who use wheelchairs and walking aids a Ramp or a Lifting Platform will be required.

A wheelchair ramp must be at the correct angle and have a suitable surface finish to ensure that it will not become a slip hazard in wet or freezing conditions. If there is not sufficient space to install a ramp, or if for other reasons a ramp will not be suitable, then a Lifting Platform may be considered.

Installing a Wheelchair Ramp or a Lifting Platform will sometimes require alterations or adjustments to the layout of the existing door or porch. We can carry out the necessary works

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