The kitchen is at the heart of the home. It is where we prepare our meals. At times it is the place where we prefer to chat or share a meal with family and friends. It is important that our kitchen works for us and is laid out in a manner that is convenient and safe.

If your changed mobility means that it is no longer easy for you to reach those overhead kitchen presses, or that the worktop height is not ideal or that the layout no longer works for you, then we can help.

There are many options that can be considered, these include;

  • Staggered height units
  • Staggered height worktops
  • Pull out tables and ironing boards
  • Appliances placed at levels appropriate to the user
  • Overhead kitchen units, raised and lowered electrically
  • Worktops, raised and lowered electrically

Your kitchen can be adapted to a height that suits you, with everything within easy reach

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