Welcome to Adapt A House Ltd

There are many things that make home special, but it’s the comfort and confidence you enjoy in living at home that’s important to us.

We are a family owned company specialising in assisting those who find that their homes require adaptations to suit their changed needs. With suitable home adaptations our customers can continue to enjoy the comforts of home living with added confidence and assurance.

Our customers include:

  • Less able persons, children and adults
  • The older person whose mobility is reduced and whose ability to perform the everyday tasks at home has become more of a challenge.
  • Those who have been involved in a life changing event that has restricted or reduced their mobility

We provide Home Adaptation Services throughout the South East of Ireland. In particular, we serve the counties of Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny and South Tipperary.

We listen to and work with our customers, their families, doctors, occupational therapists, local authorities and specialist suppliers to provide independent home living solutions.

Our flexible and responsive approach allows us to cater for the needs of our customers in an understanding and sensitive manner. We respect the privacy of our customers.

Setting up a free consultation is the perfect opportunity to discuss the options, learn about the products and start moving towards a solution that works for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.