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At some time during life you may find that your mobility has been reduced because of ageing, illness, a medical condition or an accident. The change may be gradual or it may be more dramatic.

When these changes occur, you may find that some of the everyday tasks that you perform at home become more difficult. In order to carry out these tasks safely and with confidence you may need to change your home to suit your abilities.

Our Goal at Adapt A House is to provide a comprehensive Home Adaptation Service to meet the needs of our customers both now and into the future. We strive to be the preferred provider of the full spectrum of independent home living solutions.

The Home Adaptation service that we provide includes;

  • Ramps, Handrails and Platform Lifts to External Doors
  • Alterations to Entrance Doors and Porches to allow Level Access
  • Stairlifts
  • Through the Floor Lifts
  • Accessible Kitchens Units and Appliances
  • Accessible Toilet, Accessible Shower and Accessible Bathrooms
  • Overhead Hoists
  • Garage Conversions
  • Extensions
  • Accessible Gardening Solutions

We encourage our customers to involve family and friends in the discussions that need to take place on any proposed changes to the home.  It is important that recommendations of doctors or occupational therapist are implemented. The whole process of adapting the home is therefore a combined team effort. Its objective being to ensure that the changes and improvements necessary are achieved.

We work with those who self-finance their home adaptations and those who qualify for grant assistance. For those applying for grant assistance we can advise on filling out the applications. We can also advise on VAT refunds on aids and appliances used by people with a disability.

While in your home, we aim to carry out the adaptations as quickly and efficiently as possible with the minimum of inconvenience. We at Adapt A House are also very particular about keeping your home tidy and clean.

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