in-the-gardenIn The Garden

Some people enjoy time spent in the garden. The changing seasons bring different activities and expectations, changing growth and colours. If you experience reduced mobility you may spend less time in the garden than previously.

We at Adapt A House understand the changes that can be made to a garden to make it more accessible. Whether you use your garden to just sit out in on a fine afternoon or if you want more active participation in tending to your garden we can assist.

Raised flowerbeds give us easy access to those plants. Increased paving areas will give greater accessibility to wheel chair users and those who use walking aids. Additional paved areas can be pleasing in various slab and brick sizes, colours and textures. Increasing the paved areas can also reduce the lawn and bedding areas to a more manageable size.

If you presently have steps in your garden that are a challenge, then maybe the addition of a handrail would make a big improvement. Perhaps you might wish to consider a ramp for safer and easier access. If you have a wheelchair, we can help create a wheelchair accessible garden.

Do not let your reduced mobility keep you from enjoying the many benefits that can be had from time spent in the garden.

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