Stairs can be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome for those with reduced mobility, especially for those whose toilet and bedroom are located on an upper floor.

In such instances the need to use the stairs on a regular basis can be reduced if the toilet and bedroom are relocated to the ground floor. However to make full and regular use of the upper floors a stairlift or a vertical, through the floor lift is the solution.

Home Lift

For wheelchair users who want to access the upper floors, the best solution may be a vertical “through the floor” Lift.

We can arrange to supply and install a number of different wheelchair lifts that are suitable for private homes. They are comfortable, meet European safety regulations and come in a range of attractive finishes. Options vary between models. Some of the basic options available include glazed wall panels, internal telephone, power assist door opening and closing and remote control.

The amount of construction work required to install a wheelchair lift depends on specific factors within the home. Some of the Home Lifts will fit within a floor space as small as 1000mm x 1500mm.


If getting up and down the stairs is becoming difficult, a stairlift may be the best solution. Stairlifts are basically an electrically powered chair that moves up and down the stairs on a rail that is securely fixed to your stairs. Stairlifts can be fitted to both straight and curved stairs. They can be made to measure for most stair layouts. Modern stairlifts can look elegant and come in a range of colours.

We at Adapt A House supply and fit a range of quality and reliable stairlifts with a variety of functions, fabrics and colours. All of our stairlifts come with a warranty. We also service and maintain the stairlift that we install for optimum performance and reliability.

Some basic facts about stairlifts;

  • The stairlift is fitted to your stairs and not to you walls.
  • If you have carpet fitted to your stairs and you want to replace it at some time in the future, the stairlift can be removed and refitted once the new carpet has been laid.
  • Should you experience an electrical power cut, your stairlift will continue to operate for a limited number of trips. This is because the stairlift is powered by rechargeable batteries, which are charged automatically at the charge points.
  • If you have a problem bending your knees to sit, it is possible to obtain a “stand and perch” stairlift, which has a perch type seat that is positioned higher up than a standard seat allowing you to perch rather than fully sit.
  • Stairlifts are smooth with little noise
  • Stairlifts are designed with a fold up seat and footrest to allow the normal use of the stairs
  • Stairlifts do not take long to fit. A straight stairlift can be fitted within a day, while a curved stairlift will take longer depending on its complexity.

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