moving-about-safely-in-the-homeMoving about safely within the Home

Falls within the Home. 

Falls are a major cause of injury to older people. Many of these falls occur within the home. In the average home there are numerous simple things that can be done to reduce the risk of a fall. A trained eye can see potential trip hazards.

Simple measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of falls include moving non-essential items from traffic areas, the removal of unused furniture, the proper fixing of loose electrical cables and cords, the removal or securing down of mats. The level of lighting is also an important consideration as poor lighting will reduce visibility and increase the possibility of a fall. There are numerous other small steps that are simple to implement which will greatly improve safety within the home.

Wheelchair use within the home

For a person who is a wheelchair user the width of doors is important. Doors can be widened. If the doors are already wide enough, access can be improved at times by simply swinging the door opening the other way. Turning circles need to be large enough to allow the wheelchair user to move around with ease. Toilets in many homes are just not large enough for wheelchair use.

Walking Aids within the Home

For those who use walking aids, there can be challenges in the form of door saddles and certain types of floor finishes. Changes can be made to allow easier movement within the home.

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To avoid trips and falls there are some simple changes that you can make. For other improvements that make it easier for you to move safely around your home with greater confidence, we can help.

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